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happy to be me : Acknowledgements

The following Indigenous Community Councils, Aboriginal Corporations, Land Councils, Elders and respected Community members gave their approval to include the name of their language group and/or a language word in the songs appearing on happy to be me:

  • The Gerard Reserve Council (SA)
  • Kunballanjnja Council (NT)
  • Wonnarua Nation and the Wanaruah Local Aboriginal Land Council (NSW)
  • Muurrbay Language Centre (NSW)
  • Warlpiri-Patu-Kurlangu Jaru (NT)
  • The Gooniyandi Executive (WA)
  • Terry Coulthard (Adnyamathanha mob) (SA)
  • Moree, Toomelah and Narrabri Aboriginal Land Councils (NSW)
  • Baiyungu Aboriginal Corporation (WA)
  • Kalkarinji Community Council (NT);
  • Ian Delaney - Native Title Applicant (Jandai mob), (Q’land)
  • Mike Ross - Olkola mob (Q’land)
  • Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre (TAS)
  • Yamaji Language Centre (WA)
  • Shared Vision Bundjalung Elders Council (NSW)
  • Marngarr Council (NT)
  • Koethil Mayl Torres Strait Islander Women’s Group
  • Pitantjatjara Yangkunytjatjara Land Council (SA)
  • Wiradjuri Elders and respected community members

Once again, great care has been taken to follow correct protocols regarding the inclusion of information about Indigenous cultures. All song lyrics on happy to be me were reviewed and are supported by:

  • the NSW Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Early Childhood Sector Advisory Group
  • NSW Aboriginal Early Childhood Support Services Unit
  • the Aboriginal Programs Unit at NSW Dept of Education and Training
  • Aboriginal Curriculum Unit at the Office of the Board of Studies (NSW Dept of Education and Training)
  • NSW Aboriginal Education Consultative Group
  • NSW Aboriginal Land Council
  • Koethil Mayl Torres Strait Islander Women’s Group, Sydney
  • NSW Reconciliation Council

All lyrics by Wendy Notley ‘02
Kangaroo Rock - Taleena Simon/Wendy Notley
Hey, Hey, Hey - Granny Mooki/grand/great grandchildren & Wendy Notley - adapted/extended lyrics

Produced by Wendy Notley

Recorded and mixed by Guy Dickerson at Megaphon Studios, St. Peters

Additional recording at Chad Wackerman’s Studio, St. Peters
Mastered by Don Bartley at Studio 301

The Band
Wendy Notley - vocals/guitar
Nardi Simpson - harmony/keyboard
David Roberts - bass
Ashley Donovan - drums/guitar (tracks 7,12,15)

The Kids
Nayden Simon, Taleena Simon, Rick Golding, Bre-arna Freeman, Jay-lara Freeman, Shanice Vincent and Tyrrell Freeman-Mafi - vocals

Syrenne Anu, Kuiam Anu - vocals - 1,2,3,4,5/Hey, Hey Hey
Isabella Tunis-Notley, Heba Alameddine, Laielle Alameddine - vocals - Hey, Hey Hey

Special Appearances
Mark Atkins - didgeridoo
Greg Sheehan - percussion
Walangari Karntawarre - breath/vocal percussion
Monkey Mark - programming/arrangement - Hey, Hey, Hey
Mic Conway - ukulele
Helen Anu - bamboo drum
Donna Ross - tambourine (tracks 4&16)
Isabella Tunis-Notley, Kuiam Anu - beat boxing

Deborah Kelly, Lucy Simpson, Stephen Clark - graphic design
Amanda James - cover/back photographs/kids portraits
Wendy Notley - additional photos

The Kids: All the kids on the CD ‘sang their little hearts out’ and you can hear it in their voices. What more could I ask for. Thankyou Nayden, Taleena, Rick, Bre-arna, Jay-lara, Shanice and Tyrrell for practicing for so long and with such joy. Thankyou, Syrenne and Kuiam for putting Torres Strait Islander style into 1,2,3,4,5 and Hey, Hey, Hey and to Isabella for the cool Greek perspective and Heba and Laielle for the great Lebanese feel in Hey, Hey, Hey. Thankyou to Joann, Jim, Karen, Gail, Ray, Viv, Carla, Helen and Christine for raising such great children and making it easy for me.

My Family: Mum, for always being there for me and Dad too, in spirit; Al for believing that I could write a song, which started everything off in the beginning; Barb for helping me produce Growin’ Up Strong and Donna for your creative contribution and starting out on both albums with me and Michael for great support.

The Band: Nardi, thankyou for your beautiful harmonies, for the fun and friendship and generous creative input; Dave for being an such an inventive bass player and wonderful person to work with and to Ash for appearing just at the right time and being just the drummer I was looking for! Mark Atkins, thanks for playing didge in your unique way on my album again, it meant a lot. Greg for great percussion and Monkey for helping to get Hey, Hey, Hey just right. Thankyou Walangari for providing amazing vocal atmosphere which gave such a traditional sound to some of the songs, Helen for the Torres Strait Islander perspective and Donna for brightening up Driving and Kids on Our Block. Guy Dickerson, thanks for your production assistance, great engineering and mixing and thanks for staying analog.

Friends and Supporters: Thanks to all the Koori kids who have attended Murawina over the past 14 years and have continued to inspire me and be in my life and to the Murawina staff who always make me feel like I’m coming home when I visit. Thanks to all my friends for putting up with me. Thanks to Jo Goodwin, the eternal optimist and to Dean Randall who was the inspiration for Dean’s Footy Song. Tim Goddard for being with me all the way and Mary Johnson for the A Album. Kerry Toomey for your support and friendship and all the mob at Darlo, Keith Cheetham, Uncle Martin Ballangarry, Maureen Watson, Sue Nowland, Lyla Hume, Aunty Josie Boyle, Bebe Ramzan, Vaso Elefsiniotis, Maureen Mossman, Maureen Silleri, Phil Stevenson, Sally Fitzpatrick, Linda Burney, Uncle Roy Gordon and Aunty Bertha Kapeen. Chris Kirkbright, Dr. John Rudder and Uncle Stan Grant, Aunty Sylvia Ingram and Aunty Esther Carroll, Jenny Beck, Vicki Barton and the crew at the AECG, Lyn Riley-Mundine, Kim Lester and all the mob at the Aboriginal Program Unit, DET. Special thanks to the Eora Centre in Redfern for producing such incredibly talented musicians, 4 of whom are performing on this CD and for letting the band rehearse there.


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