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Community Support for happy to be me

‘I had the songs checked for me by some Aboriginal children and their parents. The children loved the songs so much I had trouble getting them back. This tells me that the songs are an unreserved success. The lyrics are very reflective of contemporary Aboriginal people and contain situations with which Aboriginal people in diverse living conditions can identify with. The Aboriginal Programs Unit at the NSW Department of Education and Training is most happy to support Happy To Be Me and we believe that it will benefit not only Indigenous children but non-Indigenous children as well’. Lyn Riley-Mundine – Aboriginal Programs Unit, NSW Department of Education and Training (‘04).

‘Wendy was first introduced to ATSIECSAG when she worked at Murawina Child Care Centre in Redfern as a teacher of young children. A professional relationship was established and quickly grew stronger during the production of Wendy’s well-recognized CD, Growin’ Up Strong and accompanying resource materials.

Wendy is respected throughout NSW communities for her understanding of Aboriginal culture and the sensitive approach she uses in all of her community consultations. Her love of children, knowledge of child development, passion for music and cultural awareness enables her to create the most motivating and fun music for children. Wendy displays a strong commitment in all that she does and her dedication to her work is widely recognised and appreciated by the enthusiastic young children of this nation.

The NSW Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Early Childhood Sector Advisory Group Inc would like to congratulate Wendy on the production of her latest CD, Happy To Be Me and looks forward to sharing experiences in the future with children who have had the opportunity to engage in such great, educational entertainment.’ The NSW Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Early Childhood Sector Advisory Group Inc (’04).

‘The NSW Aboriginal Land Council sincerely supports the work you are doing and hopefully Happy To Be Me will become another asset to benefit our Indigenous communities’. NSW Aboriginal Land Council (’04).

‘The Unit supports your endeavors to produce Happy To Be Me. Your material acknowledges the importance of positive self-esteem for Aboriginal kids and especially focuses on senses of identity and culture. The songs also acknowledge the many language groups and the diversity of the authentic languages of Australia’. Aboriginal Curriculum Unit, Office of the Board of Studies, NSW Department of Education and Training (’04).

‘As a mother of an Aboriginal child I have watched the tremendous excitement and enthusiasm Wendy’s music evokes. I have also noted the tremendous ‘Koori’ pride that overtakes older men and women when they catch a hint of any one of the now classic tunes from Wendy’s first album, Growin’ Up Strong. I am aware of the great integrity and her attention to detail in confirming the cultural appropriateness of song material and the high regard with which she is held by members in the Aboriginal community. On behalf of the NSW Reconciliation Council, I would like to wish Wendy every success with her second CD, Happy To Be Me’. Sally Fitzpatrick, Deputy Chair NSW Reconciliation Council (’04)

‘I admire the infectious enthusiasm that is generated by those associated with Wendy and her songs. This project is a celebration of Indigenous culture for Indigenous and non-Indigenous children. It embraces reconciliation from an early educational perspective, which is so crucial not only in our society but also, more importantly, at the individual level’. Linda Burney, State Member for Canterbury (‘04).

The Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council is pleased to support and endorse the use of the term, 'Aunty Wendy' as Wendy has been known over the years and 'Aunty Wendy's Mob' as the band's performance name. We feel it's appropriate to use this term for the purpose of creating children's songs and music that teach children about Aboriginal languages. The Council is delighted that Wendy takes seriously Aboriginal spirituality, culture and languages and many of our members appreciate Wendy's work. Rob Welch, Chairperson - Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council ('06).


The NSW Aboriginal Education Consultative Group Inc (NSW AECG) fully supports the efforts of the Aunty Wendy's Mob, 'happy to be me' CD and Resource Book. They are fun, interactive, educational and performance based, targeting early education for Aboriginal children. The AECG has always maintained that early intervention is critical for the education and life chances of Aboriginal students. It is reflected in the songs featured on the 'happy to be me' CD. The songs have an Aboriginal perspective and portray experiences that all children can relate to. The Aunty Wendy's Mo CD's and Resource Books are an excellent tool, as they not only improve the school readiness of the children but the resources also empower their parents and carers who participate in the activities. These resources can make a real contribution to the capacity of the community. Moreover, many of the parents and carers who use the Aunty Wendy's Mob CD and Resource Book are given the confidence to go on to further their children's educational outcomes, thus building up the capacity of the community to become involved within the early years of schooling. The Aunty Wendy's Mob CD and Resource Book are achieving real outcomes for young Aboriginal children entering school, and at the same time, making a real contribution to empowering the chuldren. Dave Ella, President - NSW AECG ('06)


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